Sunday, August 3, 2008

Cholotu Mexicanas Cachando

My beige first-hand Vari 1600 with glorious loose end

This is the story of my second variant first hand. I have the car for 400 DM and 10 years Order bought almost exclusively driven in winter. It was the company car a Kiel Florist. I found a long time to pine needles and the like in it. The old lady could not see while driving and would rather give up the store. So the car was also on. Click on the first picture I can paint the wheels ever again.

Several years ago we were at with the car in the winter in Lillehammer, Norway. Just a new set of winter tires bought and off we went. There were still piles of snow and it was constantly new stuff from the sky - it has the Vari but not disturbed. He ran without any problems. I had bought the car with 59,000 miles on the odometer. From today's perspective, I would not use him more in the winter. But where once he was now chosen as a winter car ...
With the car we were in Wolfsburg to the type 3 - Annual meeting and last year the beetle meeting in Hanover.
And so can end it if we are not careful or if you're unlucky. An explosion at the start resulted in less than a minute to fire the entire interior. And since nothing could be done - I could just push the car out of the hall. Previously had my red stage in their way - which had already abundant Blisters fetched. And when the outside Vari was the deletion was present in the hall. Fortunately we got the fire under control. Soon moved to the fire department. Including police and ambulances and so on. But the variant was beyond help. I would end up with the front axle, etc, including expanded.
Can I recommend to anyone. But if you want to see how a special series steering wheel looks like when the jacket is gone - if you please!


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